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We're Roadtripping to Loskop Dam In


MAHAI Drakensberg

3 Days 2 Nights
Availability : 1st to 3rd March
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We're Roadtripping to Drakensberg In

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  • Zwivhuya Goodness Tshitovha Avatar

    This was just way too awesome. Partying like non stop. The hosts are awesome lisa, Nick and sumo the... read more

    Zwivhuya Goodness Tshitovha 5/14/2018
    Gary Sait Avatar

    I'm going again and again and again! Nuf said... Thank you Roadtrippers for the best time in Mozambique! �����

    Gary Sait 4/24/2018
  • Rotondwa Tshivhase Avatar

    The experience is still epic as I speak, 10** treatment and great hospitality, I am definitely hooking them up forever... read more

    Rotondwa Tshivhase 9/02/2018
    Veruschka van der Linde Avatar

    I loved every minute! - it was so good we going again this year.

    Everything was so well organized from... read more

    Veruschka van der Linde 8/18/2017

  • Delphine Refilwe Ditabo Avatar

    The Best The Best The Best! Roadtrippers Rock!!!!!

    Delphine Refilwe Ditabo 10/09/2018
  • Veracious Sdudla-Esihle Goge Avatar

    It’s super fun it feels like you’re with your family & friends, everybody takes care of one another that you’d... read more

    Veracious Sdudla-Esihle Goge 9/04/2018

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I was a bit nervous when I decided to go on the trip to Ponta but the organisers made sure that I was well informed before we departed and all my questions were answered with such professionalism at all times. The trip itself was out of this world! I’m definitely going to use Roadtrippers again and I’d advise those who want to travel in the future to consider doing it with them too!

Tumi Msiza